Landscapes of War. Vol.IV - Entornos Industriales (Inglés)

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2.- Industrial facade 
18.- Debris Army
36.- Factory facility
56.- Soviet Hangar

88.- Kharkov

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This volume is focused on industrial environments dioramas, with a lot of step-by-step processes, the different authors show how to make this type of dioramas with different techniques and materials.

In this way, we can see how to make a brick wall with Balsa Foam, extruded polystyrene, brick by brick or using a commercial kit. In addition, each of them is painted differently, achieving different finishes so that the fan can choose the most suitable for the project in which they are going to work.

In the same way, the main elements that can be found in any industrial environment are worked on: concrete, metal doors, silos, corrugated roofs, metal structures, pipes, drums and other accessories.

Both the selection of the content and the didactic structure with which it is displayed make this publication ideal when the modeller wants to delve into the making of a diorama set in an industrial environment.



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Landscapes of War. Vol.IV - Entornos Industriales (Inglés)

Landscapes of War. Vol.IV - Entornos Industriales (Inglés)

20,00 €