"There is a common preconceived idea that modeling reduces its activity to the assembly of a set of pieces following construction and painting instructions established by the manufacturer to obtain a scale replica of any object: plane, car, ship, building. .. The reality is very different (...).

Modeling is, certainly, a fantastic world, in which the wizards are ourselves; and it will be richer and more interesting to the extent that we are able to unite the imagination, the ability and the technical knowledge necessary to, as re-creators of reality, to be able to capture our ideas. "

Nº 1 "Techniques of Modeling and Dioramas", 1991. Director of the work: Rodrigo Hernández Cabos.

Faced with this premise, the Hernández Chacón family has been researching and teaching both techniques and products of the different modeling categories for more than 30 years, making this world easier and more accessible for all modelers.

Through this website, we want to bring all modelers, both the publications that have been made so far, and those products for the realization of dioramas that in most cases have emerged after many tests, achieving a easy application and obtaining the greatest possible realism.