WWII US NAVY Colors (English)


Softcover, 112 pages with high-quality full-colour photos and illustrations

WARNING. This book is only in ENGLISH language.


Without a doubt, aircarft such as the Corsair, Hellcat or Avenger were icons of the US Army Navy during World War II. In this book Jordi Lario shows the painting processes on these airplanes, using exclusively Vallejo products.

From the painting of the cabin and interiors, to the final weathering, through a multitude of step-by-step processes, highlighted sections and visual information, the techniques and tricks necessary to achieve excellent results are shown.

Through various models, we can study from monochromatic to interesting tritonal schemes, thus covering the main camouflages used between 1944 and 1945.

The book is a comprehensive and interesting guide, not only for lovers of USMC WWII aircraft, but also for any modeler who wants to learn how to paint exclusively with acrylics, cockpits, interiors, camouflages and the effects of weathering to customize each model.


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WWII US NAVY Colors (English)

WWII US NAVY Colors (English)