Panzer Aces 7 (ES)


2. “Hetzer” (Frühe)
A complete work: step-by-step instructions of the painting of the famous German tank destroyer and its crew. Also included is a
cut-away and several color profiles depicting different camouflage schemes.

28. Jeep Willys
Article on this very well-known American vehicle. Includes also a reportage.

38. GMC DUKW 353
A vignette showing the U.S. ArmyÂ’s ubiquitous amphibious vehicle in Normando

42. SS-Obersturmführer
Our section on figures is devoted to Obersturmführer Willi Hein.

46. Berlín 1945
A magnificent diorama, including tanks, an Obersturmführer and some scratch-built houses.

58. Modeling Lessons: overhead lighting and acrylic paints
The step-by-step explanation on how to paint a figure in 1/35 scale.


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Panzer Aces 7 (ES)

Panzer Aces 7 (ES)