Panzer Aces 32 (ES)



2. Australian M13/40
We have here interesting piece of work on an Italian tank employed by Australian forces on northern Africa. It is accompanied by several color profiles were several camouflage versions are suggested.

14. Type 95 “HA-GO”
This is one of the small Japanese tanks destroyed in the battle of Iwo Jima. The painting techniques are simply excellent. Afterwards we’ll find a photographic review were we can see a number of real life details of the real vehicle.

24. With all the power
Diorama centered on the battle for Berlin. The stars of this diorama are a T-34/85 and several Soviet soldiers in action.

34. Hotchkiss H-39
The last units manufactured of this vehicle were sent to the front without camouflage, these units only had a layer of red priming paint. A singular kit in terms of quality and originality.

40. Karl Brommann
A magnificent figure portraying commander Karl Bromman, the Untersturmführer of the 1. Kp. from the sch. SS-Pz.Abt. 503.

46. Kleine Panzerbefehlswagen
This armored command vehicle was used by the Germans in northern Africa and it stands out for the extreme wear of its paintjob and some very interesting effects. The review is capped off with a number of color profiles depicting different camouflage schemes for this vehicle.

M4A2 of the US Marines placed on the Pacific theater of operations. This is an example of building a kit out of the box without further complications.

62. MODELLING LESSONS: Adapting decals
Demonstrating a simple method for adapting decals to a rugged surface.


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Panzer Aces 32 (ES)

Panzer Aces 32 (ES)