Panzer Aces 39 (ES)



2. STURER EMIL (1/35)
Michel Pérez starts this issue with a wonderful work of winter painting applied in one of the most powerful self-propelled guns of the German Army in the Second World War, even though only two units were built.

14. ISU-122 (1/35)
A classic revisited, the soviet 122mm self-propelled gun mounted on the JS-2 chassis have been always one of the favorites of the modelers of all times. The starting point for Cristóbal Vergara was one of the last model kits of the acknowledged Japanese company Tamiya.

28. USMC M1A1 AIM (1/35)
The Abrams is for sure one of the best-known contemporary Main Battle Tank nowadays. Usually, modelers from the entire world pay tribute, but only a few achieve the realism and attractiveness as Chris Jerrett did with his model.

36. SCOTCH HONEY (1/35)
Less is more. When talking about vignettes this is a premise that Felipe Moreno rules when he narrates a nice story with only few elements. A small oldie Stuart carries a group of Scotch infantry somewhere in the Italian territory in the summer of 1943.

46. THE DINOSAUR: PZ.KPFW.38(T) (1/35)
An old model kit doesn’t need to be a bad model. This aged CMK’s reference is a good piece even today when it is in good hands, as the Javier de Luelmo ones, and can be very attractive and inspirational.

54. WINTER RIDERS (1/35)
A tiny vignette composed of a motorcycle and two figures doesn’t use to be enough to catch our attention, unless it was as good painted as Przemysław Szymczyk did. He used a technique increasingly accepted by many modelers to paint figures, the airbrush.


Specific References

Panzer Aces 39 (ES)

Panzer Aces 39 (ES)