Panzer Aces 29 (ES)


2. The beast of Ladoga
The Tiger I is a frequented piece among hobbyists, because there’s always an interesting version of it, with an interesting camouflage to reproduce. Other options are also explored in the color profiles.

14.Humber scout car Mk. I
Small vehicles can come in handy when doing a vignette. We have here a British Humber armored vehicle and a figure to demonstrate the splendid results. The review has a photographic research review that has been used to build this kit.

30. Unteroffizier
Here we have a magnificent figure that portrays a German Infantry NCO sporting a camouflaged uniform.

34. Flakscheinwerfer
We have here an unusual diorama that shows us how the anti-aircraft material is unloaded in a train station.

44. Hetzer
The 1/48 scale is becoming increasingly popular. We can find a wide range of kits and a number of accessories. These kits are easy to assemble and paint too.

51. BMP-1
This is an old kit that portrays an attractive amphibious Soviet vehicle that has undergone an intense detailing labor; becoming a collector’s item.

We will learn how to paint a wooden box on a 1/16 scale.


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Panzer Aces 29 (ES)

Panzer Aces 29 (ES)