Panzer Aces 22 (ES)



2. Autoblinda AB-41
This Vignette represents an Italian Colonial Police armoured car located in northern Africa. The article includes the painting of two wonderfully sculpted figures, a building, as well as a reportage of a vehicle kept in a museum in Rome.

24. Tiger I Ausf. E sch. Pz.Abt. 507
One of the recurrent modellers themes is the German heavy tank. In this case, it is a Tiger I tank belonging to the 507 battalion, offering different camouflage options, including several colour profiles.

36. Der Brunnen
Two Afrikakorps figures are displayed in an African supply area in the middle of the desert. The article includes photographs of an authentic period uniform.

42. Die Pilze sucher. Steyr 1500 A/01
Excellent vignette whose title translates as “the mushroom hunters�. The author has made a perfect job recreating a bucolic rearguard scene with human figures, animals, and a wheeled vehicle.

60. MODELLING LESSONS: Stretched plastic
A simple technique for stretching plastic rods is presented in the article, together with several practical applications to improve military vehicles.


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Panzer Aces 22 (ES)

Panzer Aces 22 (ES)