Panzer Aces 20 (ES)



2. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J
This work about the classic model highlights the revolutionary construction technique and a super realistic result that elevates the author to the category of Master. An extensive illustrated report of the specimen kept at the Saumur museum is included at the end..

38. Defending the Republic
This small vignette recreates Barcelona in 1936, when the coup staged by part of the Army forced the people of the city to raise in arms to defend freedom. Photographs of period uniforms complete the article.

46. M60A3
A 1/72 scale Egyptian battle tank with great realism and a very attractive camouflage pattern. Other painting options are considered in a series of six colour profiles included in the article.

52. Tiger I Ausf. E
An interesting version of the famous german tank with of initial and final model parts which makes this model a truly rare specimen. The work includes a couple of colour profiles with different camouflage patterns.

60. MODELING LESSONS: Metallic handles
Fine metal rods and thick copper thread are versatile materials with many applications. In this case we’ll learn how to make of handles for vehicles..


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Panzer Aces 20 (ES)

Panzer Aces 20 (ES)