Panzer Aces 31 (ES)



2. M163 A1 VULCAN
A most remarkable and hyper-detailed kit with an equally outstanding paintjob on an anti aircraft armored vehicle used during the VietnamWar.

20. StuG. III Ausf. B
In this issue we return to the winter camouflage schemes; now it’s the turn for the well known German assault gun. This unit has some ghastly battle damage effects which are strikingly realistic.

28. Humber Mk. I Armoured Car
British AFV’s on wheels have always been particularly attractive specially when sporting desert camouflage schemes. This is the case with this resin Humber Mk. I. This kit does not take long to build.

36. Flammenwerfer
A vignette that consists of three figures with flamethrower equipment, on a scene set in some ruins. An interesting vignette because of the camouflage schemes on the soldier figures.

42. KV-1 (mod. 1940)
Some of these heavy armored KV-1 Soviet tanks sported some really interesting three color camouflage schemes like this one. On the color profiles’ page we offer different camouflage schemes for this vehicle.

52. Type 89 “Chi-Ro Otsu”
In spite of their picturesque old fashioned configuration and camouflage patterns, Japanese WWII tanks aren’t exactly the hobbyists’ choice. At any rate we will show here the results that could be obtained with one of them.

62. MODELLING LESSONS: Boot tracks
A simple technique demonstrated with step by step pictures, which will help you realistically recreate footsteps on the surface of an armored vehicle.


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Panzer Aces 31 (ES)

Panzer Aces 31 (ES)