Panzer Aces 17 (ES)



2. Wespe
This time the focus is on the weathering process for the Wespe, as well as the painting techniques for figures. The article concludes with an interesting range of color profiles showing the different camouflage schemes and a full report.

28. M3A1 Scout Car
An old Italeri kit that has been updated to compete with the needs of today’s modeling market.

38. Schütze
The subject is an infantryman from Heeresgruppe Süd as he was in 1941. The article is complete with photographs of both the actual uniform and the campaign equipment.

42. Iosef (Josef) Stalin 3
An impeccably modeled 1/72nd scale Russian heavy tank.

46. Jagdpanzer 38 starr
An interesting and little known variant of the Hetzer tank destroyer that has been beautifully assembled and painted in such a way as to delight all those model enthusiasts of German armored vehicles.

52. T-26 Mod. 1933
A very realistic model of an operational tank, complete with a write-up and a number of color profiles.

60. MODELING LESSONS: Silicone molds and resin copies
An extremely informative technical article for those modelers interested in producing their own molds.


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Panzer Aces 17 (ES)

Panzer Aces 17 (ES)