Panzer Aces 1 (EN)


2. TIGER I E, Sch. Pz. Abt. 509
A study of the history of the 509th Heavy Tank Battalion which was equipped with a number of early Tiger I EÂ’s.

20. A22 “Churchill” MK. VII
F. Moreno reveals a very realistic model of the famous British tank, concentrating on the weathering effects.

30. SKODA Typ 952 Kabrio
J. L. Macone explains how to make a very original diorama: a soldier is cleaning a military car, one half reveals a highly polished side, while the other half is covered in dust.

40. Dumper GMC
This piece is absolutely unique due to the amazing weathering techniques applied by the author.

48. Pz. Kpfw. II (F)
C. Vergara Durán has modelled an armored Panzer II flame-thrower.

54. SWS
The author explains, using pigments in the most simple way, how to simulate mud.

60. Modeling Seminars. Compressors.
A chapter on compressors and air-propellant systems in which the author gives the necessary advice on care and maintenance of compressors. This advice will prolong the operating life of any compressor.


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Panzer Aces 1 (EN)

Panzer Aces 1 (EN)