Panzer Aces 26 (EN)


2.Unimog 404
Wonderful custom work on a wheeled vehicle. The painting process has been photographed in a step by step tutorial to reveal the most advanced hyperrealism techniques.

20.“LSSAH� Panther
The author combines different elements and figures on an urban environment in this 1/71 scale vignette. Alternative camouflage schemes are presented in a series of six profiles.

A 1/48 scale rendering of this attractive German amphibious vehicle.

38.Strv 103 C MBT
The highlight of this work on the peculiar Swedish vehicle is centred around the interesting camouflage scheme, which requires large doses of patience to achieve.

42.Pz.Kpfw. (Fl) B1 740(f)
This article shows a spectacular model of a flamethrower tank with some interesting wear and tear effects.

60.MODELLING LESSONS : Foliage camouflage
This article shows a step-by-step technique to adapt and place branches and other foliage on military vehicles.


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Panzer Aces 26 (EN)

Panzer Aces 26 (EN)