Panzer Aces 24 (EN)



2. URSUS Wz. 29
An outstanding work by one of our regular contributors, offering an unusual photo etch model.

8. The Conquerors
A wonderful vignette where three vehicles are combined by the author in a masterful manner with buildings and figures.

20. Bishop Mk. 1
A magnificent detailing and painting job for a model set in the desert.

24. Snowman Enemy
An imaginative vignette with a Panzer III in a snowed setting.

30. BT-7
An allied tank that has been captured and repainted with the German colours.

32. Sturmgeschütz IV
An assault gun with Zimmerit application accompanied by a masterfully painted figure.

38. “Defending The Reich�
A diorama of a disabled tank in an urban environment.

44. Fight for survival
A diorama that combines several elements in a confined space with an extraordinary result.

52. DUKW 353
An amphibious vehicle with a precise assembly and painting work.

58. MODELLING LESSONS Painting a T-34/76 (mod. 1942).
One of the Spanish masters analyzes the steps he uses to weather and dirt a tank.


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Panzer Aces 24 (EN)

Panzer Aces 24 (EN)