Panzer Aces 27 (EN)


This is a rather old kit in which the author invested a considerable effort in doing a hyper-realistic paintjob. This review also includes six color profiles and a photographic report..

26.Deutches Afrika Korps
An interesting scene taking place in northern Africa were we can see two interesting vehicles with a few assorted elements and figures. At 1/72 scale we can depict a moment in time in a reduced scenario.

40.Alférez jefe de sección. Second Lieutenant, section commander.
This is the first 120mm figure ever reviewed in our Panzer Aces/Armor Models magazine pages. The figure represents a member of the multinational U.N. forces on a humanitarian mission in Lebanon. The four colored camouflage uniform along with the BMR armored vehicle –partly made from scratch- is particularly interesting

50.Luchs 4. Pz.Div.
A high quality vignette which includes a small German armored vehicle and three figures dressed with three different uniforms.

58.MODELLING LESSONS : Painting a statue
A step by step photographic report that shows the most efficient way to paint a statue that needs a bronze finish.


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Panzer Aces 27 (EN)

Panzer Aces 27 (EN)