Panzer Aces 2 (EN)


2. Jagdpanzer IV L/48
With this interesting work by J. García Gñazquez, particular attention is paid to its weathering. In addition, the application of the different dirt and mud schemes are looked at.

16. LVT 4 “Water Buffalo”
J. Moreno Rodríguez gives a detailed account of the amount of detailing required for this amphibious U.S. Marine vehicle.

38. Steyr RSO mit Pak.40
A.Piñeiro García presents a magnificent winter diorama. In it can be seen many different techniques employed for winter camouflage. He also gives some insight on how to get a realistic background in a simple, yet effective way.

48. Patton, comandante de carros
J. Pérez Huélamo creates an impeccable model of the famous American tank general. The vignette includes the M-4 Sherman tank that contributed to his fame.

54. Ambulancia Opel Blitz “A”
This neat conversion by J.L. Macone, shows how this popular German truck is transformed into the ambulance version. He also gives some pointers on the camouflage scheme.

58. Model Making School: Practical airbrush tips
In this issue, we deal with the problems that may come up when working with an airbrush...... and how to go about solving them. In addition, we also include a number of exercises to improve your airbrushing skills.


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Panzer Aces 2 (EN)

Panzer Aces 2 (EN)