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Panzer Aces 30 (EN)

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2. Panzer II Ausf. F
By combining pieces from two old model kits and doing a hyper-detailed job, we can get a high quality kit. This review also contains two pages with color profiles.

14. Steyr 1500A Kommandeurwagen
A high quality scene set in Normandy, where the author demonstrates how we can use very little space to tell part of a story.

30. Panzer IV Ausf. C
An interesting version of the famous German armored vehicle with an interesting camouflage scheme..

34. StaghoundMk. III
This vignette is a hobbyist’s dream: A well balanced composition with a vehicle, some figures and a ground piece executed and painted with the highest skills.

44. Soviet Tank Crewman
Portrait of a Russian tank driver right after the liberation of their national territory.

54. BT-5 (mod. 1934)
A 1/72 scale vignette set in the Eastern Front on the summer of 1941. Color profiles with different camouflage schemes are included after this review.

A step by step review of acrylic painting techniques on a 1/35 scale figure.


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Panzer Aces 30 (EN)

Panzer Aces 30 (EN)

2022-12-16 11:12:00 Hurry up! Save 50%. Sale ends in: